Client Testimonials


Pawsitive Momentum encourages client testimonials that we can display on our website and welcomes likes, followers & reviews on our social media links (Facebook, Instagram & Yelp). We are rated 5-stars on Yelp and we strive daily to maintain this achievement. Please check back here periodically to see what our clients are saying about us.

Feel free to drop us a line if we can be of further assistance or answer any questions you may have. Business references can also be made available. We would be happy to provide those to you upon request.

What our clients are saying about us...


 "I have had the best experience working with Rob and would recommend Pawsitive Momentum to anyone looking for a dog walker. My dog, Niner, is the most important thing to me. When I was searching for a dog walker I knew I needed someone I could trust, but also someone who was involved and cared just as much about the safety, and enjoyment of my pup. Rob exceeded all expectations. He is extremely professional and easy to work with from a business perspective, but I also can tell that he genuinely cares about his dog packs and delivers the best of care to each animal. I love knowing that Niner is out on a fun adventure trying new trails, or going to the beach with his puppy friends and that I can see updates and posts on Instagram. You're the best Rob! Pawsitive Momentum rocks! Thank you for going above and beyond." ~Hah J. 

"My dog waits impatiently for Rob to pick him up for his walk. He goes crazy happy when he sees Rob and jumps eagerly into the truck with the other dogs. The dogs are always happy to see each other for the day's adventure. When Rob drops him off after the walk Charlie runs up the stairs, finds me with his tail wagging, still excited. In about 10 minutes he is sound asleep until dinner.
Rob is what we needed to give Charlie some time with fellow dogs and to play until he drops. He's a happier dog and that makes us thrilled. We love Rob as much as Charlie does and thoroughly trust him with our sweet dog. I recommend him to friends and I recommend him to you." ~Vera B.

"Rob is great with our dog. She absolutely adores him and her daily adventures with Pawsitive Momentum. I would recommend Rob to anyone looking for a reliable and effective dog walker." ~Andrew D.

"A week after I brought home my Boxer puppy I received a promotion. I spent the next month eating a banana for lunch while driving home to walk my dog. I had "enrolled" him in doggy day care, hired dog walking companies...but it seemed he was always too eager to go out upon my arrival home. Ziggy needed to pee and run, it made me question how much exercise he was getting on these group doggy roundups. I can imagine it's not easy to coordinate but I was paying a lot of money for a twice daily service that was more car time than explore time. Then I met Rob at the Presidio and more importantly my dog met him. The service his company provides has been a game changer in my life. My dog loves them and always comes back with the look of "I just smelled, and ran and played...and had a fantastic time" Water! Happiness! and bed...drop the doggy mic. Worth every penny, the beautiful photos of the trails alone! They brighten my day. My mellow dog howls when Rob is near, I have invited myself on his dog tours a few times and understand what the fuss is about. I tease Rob that he should expand his service for humans...but so glad and grateful that my Ziggy is in his care. I highly recommend Pawsitive Momentum.” ~Cynthia H.

”Our dog Bailey is the happiest dog in the world since we’ve started Pawsitive Momentum! She gets to explore and exercise outdoors and has been relaxed and content every evening when we get home from work. I highly recommend Rob and Pawsitive Momentum to anyone who is looking for a dog walking service in the area he serves!” ~Gina B.

"I am so grateful for Rob at Pawsitive Momentum! My dog Izzy gets crazy excited any time he comes by because she knows the kind of care she is going to get. I can tell Rob loves what he does and really loves his dogs. Izzy gets a long and active walk with him, and comes home tired and happy. Rob is also wonderful to work with and highly responsive. I totally trust him with Izzy!" ~Michele P.

"I met Rob while out walking my own dog. He was most courteous and helpful with a couple of issues I was having, and we had a nice chat. He's very considerate of his dogs and of the environment where he walks them. I think he would be a good friend to any dog and its owner." ~Sara

"Everything I know, I learned from dogs." -Nora Roberts