Hiring an Educated Certified Professional Dog Walker Versus Using a Dog Walking App (Wags & Rover)

Anyone willing to hire a dog walker clearly loves their dog and feels an obligation to provide their dog with a high quality of life. However, many well intentioned dog owners do not understand the lack of regulation in the dog walking industry and the implications of that for choosing a dog walker. Many dog owners use online dog walking apps (i.e. Wags & Rover) because they're convenient and walks can be scheduled last minute with the push of a button from their smartphones. Ironically, what they're not considering is the fact that they're essentially arranging for an individual they've most often never met to enter their private residence and walk their beloved dog (who coincidentally has most likely never met this individual either). Think about that for a minute. A complete stranger comes to your private residence, gains entry with a key in a lock box hanging on your front door, takes your dog outside for a walk around the neighborhood, yet neither you or your dog have ever laid eyes on this individual before. If this entire concept sounds crazy, it's because it is. Yet many people overlook the inherent risks every day and do it anyway. Why? Because they don't understand the difference between hiring an educated, certified professional dog walker versus using an online dog walking app. They also aren't taking into consideration that a dog forms a relationship with an individual much like a person does. It takes them a little time to get to know someone, just like it does for people (i.e. a dog much like a person typically doesn't just let a stranger enter their personal space or home without trusting them first). Why not set your dog up for success when making the life changing decision to hire a dog walker for your dog? That means scheduling a meet & greet with a certified professional dog walker at your home so that you and your dog can meet the dog walker in person together and see if it's a good fit for both of you. A certified professional dog walker is educated in how to care for & handle dogs. The majority are certified in pet first aid & CPR as well. They have invested the time and resources into their job to set themselves apart and to ensure that your dog is given the appropriate foundation for a successful relationship to flourish while under their guidance & supervision. Furthermore, if they are owner-operators of a professional dog walking business, they are required to meet certain educational requirements, obtain specific certifications, and abide by city & county business regulations where they own & operate their business. This is certainly not the case for independent contractors working for an online dog walking app such as Wag & Rover. Often times, these individuals call themselves dog walkers yet all the parent company has done is a background check on them. Thus, these independent contractors hired as dog walkers lack the formal educational training, certification, and experience necessary to work with dogs in the industry.  Bottom line, do yourself (and your dog) a favor by interviewing and only hiring an educated, certified professional dog walker. It's up to you to do your due diligence prior to handing over your keys to your private residence and your dog's leash. Dogs are family members and you and your dog will be forming an everlasting relationship with your professional dog walker. Choose wisely. Unfortunately, making the wrong decision can have negative consequences for your beloved pet and for you. 

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